Roll model

here is another preview shot from my phone of some of my new work on paper, they will all get mounted and shot here soon and shortly after there will be PRINTS! cheap high quality destruction the whole family can enjoy.


red wax

quick little sketch with some charcoal and crayons. if you can't draw well, use lots of red, it makes everything look sick and people will be all like "oooh, aaahhh, that shit is sick".


across the river

until i get some real shots of these new pieces, here is a shitty little preview shot on my phone. it's 18"x24" on thick ass paper and there's a bunch more where this came from. stay tuned



here's a piece i finished a little while back, the black paint i used was super glossy and made it glare like Danny Trejo and super hard to shoot. thanks to my homie/ex-roommate, and all around super photographer slime A DOT for coming through with the clean shots every time. you need photo? better get in line.


rent and rolling papers

i'm defiantly not a writer, i'm barley an artist by many standards  but i know what i like, and my hunger is insatiable. if not for that reason alone i feel compelled to the spike this culture punch we've all been pounding with my own filthy brand and stir it around a bit. enjoy